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Why Is Borosilicate Glass Better Than Regular Glass?

Glass straw in orange juice white background

Not all glass is created equal. Most glass in the world is made of the same basic components: silica, soda ash, and lime. However, when the proportions are varied, you get different products that are suitable for different purposes. What is glass and how is glass made? At its core, glass is liquid sand. In […]

17 Sneaky Sources of Plastic You Didn’t Know About

sneaky sources of plastic

We’re all well-aware that the world has a plastic problem. Unfortunately, it runs deeper than we even realize. If you’re looking to lessen your footprint on the environment, consider these sneaky sources of plastic that might be lurking around your home. Most of them can be easily swapped out with an eco-friendly alternative.   #1 […]

Reusable Straw, Durable and Easy to Clean

Reusable Straw, Durable and Easy to Clean We love to get reviews from our customers and hearing what reusable straw they like to use.  Our Glass Straws sure is a favorite. 🙂 “I use my glass drinking straws at home and on the go to reduce my carbon footprint and add charm to my beverages. […]

The Markets Past and Near

The Markets We ventured to Las Vegas at the end of January for the Las Vegas Market.  It was quite a time!  First of all, we checked out all of the city since it was Kattie’s first time in Las Vegas.  We aren’t much gamblers but we sure do love to people watch.  In Vegas […]

New Diameter Glass Straw coming Soon!!

Get ready folks, New diameter glass straw coming soon!  We are in the works of launching a new diameter and it should be out close to the end of the month.  Woot, Woot!  We have been holding on to this one for a little bit and waiting for the right time to bring it out.  […]

New Accents

Daisies!!!  Ones of Katties Favorite flowers is now our newest Custom Accent! Isn’t it Beautiful!!!??!! Who says reusable glass straws have to be boring?  Not us! Right now it is only available on our website but soon it will be available at the Markets.  We Love You and want you to have the straw you […]

Holiday Times!

Oh Goodness! December already! We have been super busy with local markets that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write up what we have been up to.  So I decided the time was now! We have been doing a lot of markets with Urban Craft Uprising and just got done with the […]

Our Markets with Urban Craft Uprising

Summer is here and the markets have started with Urban Craft Uprising. Oh goodness Seattle!  Thank you for a great weekend once again.  We were a part of the Urban Craft Uprising part of the Seattle Street Food Festival.  All the wonderful food trucks in once place so you can try it all.  And of […]

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