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The Markets Past and Near

The Markets

We ventured to Las Vegas at the end of January for the Las Vegas Market.  It was quite a time!  First of all, we checked out all of the city since it was Kattie’s first time in Las Vegas.  We aren’t much gamblers but we sure do love to people watch.  In Vegas you see a lot of people and we love everyone. We attended the Las Vegas Market from January 27-30th for the wholesale show.  We have done other wholesale shows similar yet on a smaller scale so it was fun to experience something new.   Not being in our hometown was interesting too!  We had a blast talking to everyone we met at the Market and excited to be working with the new accounts from the show.   Meeting people from other states where awareness hasn’t fully hit yet to see how they are approaching is a great way for us to help.  The cool thing is that everyone sees that it IS going to be coming to their area soon.  Time is always needed and some places need more time than others to change.
Our Evenings Out 🙂
The evenings after the show were spent checking out the city and food.  We decided that we were going to go up to The Top of the World restaurant in the Stratosphere (which was our hotel) and have ourselves a “date” night.  You have to ride up in an elevator that goes really fast to the top which is more than 800 feet above Las Vegas in order to get to the Restaurant.  The restaurant spins too! We were there for about an 1.5 hours, did the full spin and was able to see the whole city.  It was amazing!  We of course ordered our drinks with “no straws” and they remembered.  The food was delicious and the desert even better.  At the end of the evening we decided to give our servers both a glass straw.  They were both excited and thanked us for doing what we are doing.  Places in the food industry are where a lot of plastic straws are used and so the people working there see first hand just how many straws are being used daily.  It was a great day all around, we talked to so many people sparking awareness in them about single use plastics, had a great meal with an amazing view, glass straws in our drinks and I was with the one I love.  What more could I ask for? Once the show was over we packed up and headed straight home which ended up taking us 20 hours instead of 16… Oh well! We made it home safe and got a goods nice rest.  The next day I headed off to Seattle and Jeremy got more time with our Toddler.  Luckily Snoqualmie Pass was clear and I arrived to Seattle on time and got all set up for the show.  Seattle is our hometown and we were happy to be back!  We seen a lot of familiar faces which we love at the show including SeaWitch Botanicals who make some of our favorite soaps. We reconnected with accounts and got some new ones but the weather decided it was time for a snow storm and so the show didn’t go as planned.  A lot of people, buyers and vendors weren’t able to make it to the show.  The roads were bad and it was advised to not go anywhere unless you had to.  We made it in and so we were able to take advantage of the time and mingle with the other vendors.  There is so many cool things there!  Render Skincare, Hardmill, Better Man Beard, Amber Leaders Design and Forest Life Creations.  It was an experience and we walked away with a lot of cool stuff!  New soaps, lotion, moon chart, stone carving kit and a little toy for Aurora.  It ended up being a good show! We are finally home and have been for a few weeks and it feels good.  Aurora is quite happy that we are back too.  Kids sure do grow fast and in a blink of an eye they are grown.  My oldest, Audri will be 18 years old this year and I still am amazed at how time goes so fast.  We are enjoying the time at home (yet still working) and preparing for our next Journey. You can find us in Anaheim California for the Natural Products Expo West from March 6-8, 2019.  It starts the day after Jeremy’s birthday so if you see us there wish him a Happy Birthday!  We will be in the Hilton Building.  Booth H806.  We are hoping that the weather holds out for this one.  We are driving and it would be nice to have good roads.  Either way it will be an adventure!  

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