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We are your premier source for Artisan Accented Eco-Friendly Glass Straws and More!

Each glass straw is handmade with love in our home studio in the Pacific Northwest.  We have a wide variety of glass straws to choose from to match anything you may be drinking.

Each custom glass straw package comes with a Reusable Cleaning Brush. They’re also dishwasher safe so that cleaning them is a breeze either way you go.  Most importantly, they come with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Starting off with our Lil Sipper 7mm that fits all reusable tumbler cups, then Big Sipper 8mm that fits Tumbler cups as well as Starbucks reusable tumblers.  Our Classic Restaurant 9.5mm is your everyday glass straw and the straw that you travel with (the most durable and versatile size).  The Chunky Smoothie 12mm is great for those thick and chunky smoothies or milkshakes(if no fruit or chunks, the classic works great for smoothies or milkshakes).  Then we have our Bubble Tea (Boba) 16 mm glass straw that works great for those Bubble Tea drinks since it is wide enough for the ‘pearls’ to be sucked up with.

We also hand-make our Carrying Cases using Organic Cotton and even Cotton Thread.  All of the materials for the Carrying Cases are Eco-Friendly and don’t release plastic microfibers when washed.  We have protective sleeves for single straws, 2 straws and even one big enough for the family, our 4 pack carrying case.  They all come in a variety of colors to choose from.

You’ll love our straws as we bring the charm and purity of mountain living to each and every piece.

500 million plastic straws are being used daily in the US and the only way to help reduce that number is by not using plastic straws.  If you bring your own reusable glass straw with you in your carrying case you can refuse plastic straws no matter the time or the place.  🙂

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