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New Diameter Glass Straw coming Soon!!

Get ready folks, New diameter glass straw coming soon!  We are in the works of launching a new diameter and it should be out close to the end of the month.  Woot, Woot!  We have been holding on to this one for a little bit and waiting for the right time to bring it out.  And we have also been really busy.  But a New Year brings new items!

We have a few shows coming up soon that we are also excited about, new content on the website and oh so much more!  But I would be spoiling it if I said it all now.

We are really excited for 2019.  We noticed that awareness has really shifted and people understand why we are doing what we are doing.  Some still laugh and I find that an opportunity to raise awareness and hopefully make those people think a little bit more about what they might be doing to the planet.  We have been using 500 million plastic straws a day in the US for a long time now.  Lets reduce that number!  It can happen and all it takes is some hard work and dedication.  It is really easy to bring your glass straw with you if you have a Carrying Case.  And once you mastered the straw move on to something else.  Plastics bags, plastic water bottles or whatever else you may use.

Think about being the change instead of the problem.  We Love You!

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