Glass Jars & Lids

The Perfect Set

Complete your plastic-free drinking ensemble with travel-friendly glass jars and lids that hold your straw in place.

Mason Jar Lids & Straws

These glass jars with lids really complete the glass straw ensemble. These jar lids have straw holes for easy sippin’ where ever you roam. We absolutely love these glass mason jars with handles, making them excellent for water, juice, and iced coffee.

Stock up on a few extra lids so you’re never without an easy on-the-go water bottle. These lids will fit on any standard sized mason jar, so you can switch up your favorite drinking vessel.

If you are looking for a ready-to-go set for yourself, or an eco-friendly gift for a friend, we recommend starting off with the whole set so you have the glass jar, lid, straw, and wire cleaning brush.

Why Use Reusable Mason Jars?

50% of plastic is single-use, and can take up to 1,000 years to break down. What’s worse, plastic leaches chemicals into the water which can impact hormone development and cause birth defects in wildlife and humans. Read more about plastic pollution facts and why we want to make a difference.

We started crafting and selling whimsical glass drinking straws to make being eco-friendly more fun and easy. We are excited to offer these travel mason jars to help further our mission of a plastic-free planet.

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