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Here you can find glass straw reviews from our customers. Please send us your feedback and we will include it as well. If you don’t have some of our glass straws yet, click here to get some.

Investing in some glass drinking straws for everyone you love (including yourself) is a great way to help the planet stay clear of unnecessary plastic use. The straws at are some of the best I’ve used (they’ve lasted me over 4 years). I’ve received straws from other companies that broke in just a few months.

“I ordered 8 Exclusive Accent Ladybug straws and was blown away by the detail and the level of craftsmanship. To think that someone can do such amazing things with glass, and by hand, is really impressive. I recommend the glass straws to everyone, you won’t be disappointed.”
I LOVE my glass straws! Never used one before I purchased these, but will never go back to plastic again! They are not only earth friendly, easy to clean and reusable but they look so elegant in my smoothies and beverages. I cannot wait to add more to my collection. Thank you for such an eco-friendly product!”

“I received my glass straw about a year ago and I’ve been using it ever since! I absolutely love this idea and I carry my straw with me everywhere I go: to work, the gym, to restaurants. I even got another straw free along with my purchase. The amount of waste that goes on in the United States alarms me but I’m so happy to know that by doing such a simple thing such as using a glass straw (as opposed to plastic), I am benefitting the environment. It’s that simple. Plus, glass straws come in a variety of styles which make them even cooler! If I could give this idea 100 stars I would. It’s concepts like these simple yet creative straws that could make a big difference in the long run for humanity and our environment.”

“Over a year ago I entered to contest to win a free set of glass straws. After winning and receiving the Glass Drinking Straws I fell in love. I never thought I would love a straw so much. Everything tastes better with the Glass Drinking Straws. The Glass Drinking Straws does not collapse it is great I will never use a plastic straw again. Once you try the Glass Drinking Straws you will never go back to plastic."
“I use them every single morning, noon and night to protect my teeth from the stains most drinks cause. As an environmentalist, I really love the non imprint they have on our one and only mother earth.”

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