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The Giving Straws

We love supporting our community and giving back to those who support making our planet a better place. The glass straws in this collection are all tied to a specific organization. When you purchase these straws, you’ll be contributing to a good cause!

Thank you for all your support.  🙂

About The Causes

Youth Making Ripples

Youth Making Ripples is a global platform for ocean conservation, education, and discovery. Their mission is to raise awareness of critical marine issues and promote the protection of our oceans. Their organization creates and hosts powerful and inspirational educational events around the world designed to engage the public in ocean conservation.

Mode Music Studios

Mode Music Studios is an organization that gives music lessons to all ages.  They introduce the love of music at an early age and give youngsters the chance to learn music and perform. The joy Mode Music Studios brings to kids and us older humans is amazing!  We support them and want them to continue to do what they do.

Minorities In Shark Science

“We were founded by four Black female shark researchers. We strive to be seen and take up space in a discipline which has been largely inaccessible for women like us. We strive to be positive role models for the next generation. We seek to promote diversity and inclusion in shark science and encourage women of color to push through barriers and contribute knowledge in marine science.
Finally, we hope to topple the system that has historically excluded women like us and create an equitable path to shark science. We believe diversity in scientists creates diversity in thought, which leads to innovation.”

Their website is


Sea Hugger is a non-profit organization that protects and heals the ocean from plastic pollution through action and education.  They teach everyone at any age that plastic pollution is important to prevent through our actions, while working with local and national governments to tackle plastic pollution at the source. Every little bit adds up and makes a difference. Sea Hugger has been running these programs since 2019 and has saved over 9,000 pieces of microplastic (about the size of a grain of rice!) from going into the Oceans, supported 12 local and national laws to prevent further plastic production, and have taught over 400 kids about plastic pollution while easing any eco-anxiety.   AMAZING!!!

When you purchase one of these Sea Hugger glass straws you will be supporting them as well!  We donate a portion of the proceeds to Sea Hugger so they can keep doing what they are doing.  We Need them! Our planet needs them and you to help.  Thank you 🙂

Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation

The Courage Classic Bicycle Tour is back with a two-day, 160-mile adventure! On Saturday, July 16, and Sunday July 17, 2022, teams and individual riders will ride down quiet country roads and over challenging ascents in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, not just because of their active spirit, but because they believe in the mission of Children’s Colorado.

This beloved event is an annual tradition fueled by community spirit, bringing thousands of riders, volunteers, sponsors, and friends together for a singular purpose – to transform kids’ lives by supporting Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Our incredible Courage Classic community is engaged year-round and is comprised of the following:
• Current and former patients of Children’s Colorado
• Grateful families who have been touched by the care provided at Children’s Colorado • Children’s Colorado team members, medical staff, and care givers system-wide
• Physicians based in the metro Denver community and throughout our 7-state region • Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation’s most dedicated donors
• Regional, national, and international participants, both in person and virtually
• Professional and former Olympic cyclists

Our team; the ‘Level One’ Emergency Department Team, is comprised of the Emergency Dept’s from the Anschutz campus, Colorado Springs Campus, South, and the North campus’s.

Please consider supporting our team and the environment by purchasing a reusable glass straw. A portion of every purchase will go back to the Level One Team. 🙂

The Bee Girl Organization

BGO (the Bee Girl Organization) is a grassroots nonprofit centered on bee habitat conservation through research, regeneration, & education.

The organization, founded by Sarah Red-Laird, aims to conserve our bees by educating people, especially kids, on bees’ importance through our programs focused on community classes and events.  We have also formed unique and important partnerships with universities, public land managers, and private companies to conduct bee health and habitat research.  The Bee Girl Organization engages with communities across the nation, and the globe, spreading knowledge and bringing a sense of wonder from the hive to the people.

We envision a future where kids frolic in pastures of flowers, buzzing with bees, alongside profitable, healthy farmers and ranchers.  Through our research projects and education programs we are regenerating soil, bees, and communities. 

Recycle Across America

Recycle Across America is a nonprofit dedicated to simplifying the act of recycling for the general public, to help them recycle more and help them recycle right. The lack of consistent labeling on recycling bins has caused confusion, resulting in high levels of contamination of recyclable materials, crippling the recycling industry. The mission of Recycle Across America is to advance a standardized labeling system for recycling, compost and trash bins to make it easy for the public to know exactly what can, and maybe more importantly, what can’t go in the bin. 
The standardized labels have been deemed ‘a world-changing solution’ by the Ashoka Global Fellowship, and the NY Times calls the solution ‘one of the top environmental fixes taking root today’.  When implemented society-wide, the standardized labels will help to expedite environmental progress and simultaneously help improve the economy by increasing jobs and making recycled materials more affordable than virgin materials.  This simple solution is delivering profound results, increasing recycling rates from 50 to 200% while dramatically reducing contamination levels to often nearly undetectable amounts.
When you purchase an accented Earth glass straw a portion of your purchase goes to them.

Who is next?

Do you know of an organization that is doing great things and think they would be a good fit with us?  We love to work with EVERYONE!  Tell us about this amazing organization and have them contact us.

Let’s work together for a healthier planet.  🙂

We also donate to a lot of different organizations that we believe are making a difference.

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