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Reusable Straw, Durable and Easy to Clean

Reusable Straw, Durable and Easy to Clean

We love to get reviews from our customers and hearing what reusable straw they like to use.  Our Glass Straws sure is a favorite. :)

“I use my glass drinking straws at home and on the go to reduce my carbon footprint and add charm to my beverages. Being able to store one in my purse or glovebox because I have a glass straw with a travel case has greatly increased my use on the go. It is nice to be able to refuse nonreusable plastic straws, and I get so many compliments on my custom reusable straw. The curved decorative straw with a sculpted glass leaf on it is my favorite and has received the most raves when I’m in public.

While researching which product I wanted to use, I learned that others use glass straws for function, and not just esthetic. It is nice to know there is a durable, reusable option for those in need. I also liked that, as opposed to other materials, the glass drinking straws are so easy to clean, and I can see just how clean it is when I remove it from the dishwasher.”

Thank you, Thea, for sending this to us!  Every straw adds up and we really can make a difference.  Right now we need to make sure we are staying healthy and making healthy choices.  Using a reusable straw that you KNOW is clean and doesn’t have bacteria growing is a good step.

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