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Happy 2018!

Happy Single Use Plastic Free 2018!

Well we all hope you all had a great holiday and a happy new year.  2017 was a good year but also lots of changes for us and we are excited for 2018.

The end of 2017 was a good one and awareness about plastic straw pollution has grown.  More and more people are interested in finding a plastic straw alternative and it is wonderful!  So many people are joining together and making a change.

One thing we hope to accomplish this year is to pick up more trash around the community and even organize a day where others can join us.  If others start to pick up trash and see just how many plastic straws are being found they will then start to think about it more.  We care about this planet and we know that others do too.  Sometimes we  need a little bit of help to recognize what is going on so we then can do something about it.  I too was a plastic straw user 5 years ago.  Now, I am a glass straw lover!

Plastic straws have come to be without anyone noticing them.  Paper straws used to be a thing, why not all fast food places switch to them instead? We love to work with restaurants and help them offer our glass straws as a great reusable option.  Their customers love it!  Our glass straws really add to their dining experience.




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