Old people… I love them..

Love Love, love, love… I just Love this and old people… This makes me smile… How about you?  Didn’t this just make you smile?  I know it did me and I look forward to growing old and being cute.  Glad I have a good partner to grow old with.  Growing old with someone you love. […]

Update on the New Goats!

Update on the new goats. The three girl Goats are settling in just fine here at DrinkingStraws.Glass.  The first couple of days we made sure to keep them inside the pen so they wouldn’t wonder off.  A new place is always scary and we live in the woods and so they could easily get lost. […]

Giveaway on Facebook!!

Facebook Giveaway up!!! Head on over to our Facebook page and enter our giveaway.  We have 4 clear glass straws with 2 Heart accent glass straws that are for grabs.  All you have to do is a few simple things.  And there is even a chance at an additional entry.   🙂 I hope to […]