Who is DrinkingStraws.Glass?? The Family behind the Business.


DrinkingStraws.Glass   Hello from Us! Here we are.  This is the family.  Jeremy (Pa), Kattie Blu (Ma), and Audri (Kid).  Just figured I would give a shout out and say hello.  Kattie is who does most of the blogging but we all help out.  Audri takes care of the goats before and after school.  And […]

Playtime for the goat kids at DrinkingStraws.Glass

Goat Kids Oh how these kids have grown.  They don’t look like this anymore, they are a whole lot fatter!  They sure are some happy brothers.  The older they get the funnier they are.  Its a lot of fun to just watch them as they play around. When it starts to get dark they know […]