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Beautiful Words by Thea Craft

Beautiful Words by Our Friend THEA CRAFT

“Nestled among the mossy conifers of the regal Pacific Northwest,  DrinkingStraws.Glass family’s roots in the cascade mountains are as deep as the firs’. Drawing from their lush environment to inspire wondrous works in glass that rejoin functionality and aesthetic to offer an elegant array of glass wares that put the preservation of ecological balance at the roots of their practice.
            When they aren’t enriching their skills and crafting new works, these artisans are otherwise bustling about enjoying all that this region has to offer. In the Pacific Northwest that often means pursuing indoor interests. In addition to the glasswork, this family makes interesting, eclectic clothing and accessories. From provocative pins to kaleidoscope robes, these folks are always creative, and it is always a one of a kind.
            Rain or no, you can’t always stay inside. Their studio is located on acreage that works with the flora and fauna to create a sustainable environment for all life. This means when they aren’t being artistic, they are cultivating gardens, building shelters and maintaining living spaces for their herd of goats. When seasons permit they can be found foraging the local forests, using their knowledge of indigenous plant species to find treasures, such as the chanterelles that they can and pickle in their own sumptuous blend of herbs. It is their goal, and they are well on their way, to utilize their 10 acres to create a fully self-sustaining farm that promotes ideas of this practice with average resource accessibility.
            When you love what you do, you are hardly working, but as the saying goes, ‘work hard, play hard’. If they aren’t busy on the homestead, this family is known for being positive, high-spirited participants in many festivals as merchants, organizers, merrymakers and plain ol’ down and dirty grunts. As members of any community they are dedicated to the commitment and honest work that comes along with any responsibility.
            Happiest when enjoying the cornucopia of life, that very love and respect translate directly into the art they produce. These ethics are at the core of their practices and evident in their eco-centric desire to provide a gorgeous, sustainable option to an everyday waste item.”

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