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Tacoma Wedding Expo

Tacoma Wedding Expo


Planning a Wedding? Tacoma Wedding Expo!

What a day!  I was running a little bit behind and was worried that I had missed all the action in Tacoma at the Wedding Expo.  But sure enough, I didn’t.  This was my first Expo and so I had no idea what to expect.  It was Awesome!!!
I didn’t have a booth and so I just walked around seeing what was there and talked to as many people as I could.  Finding out what they did along with tell them why I was there.  I was not too surprised to see that there were NO Glass Straws anywhere.  The response I got from everyone was amazing.  I definitely want to get a booth next time, not only to see all the cool folks that come in but to have more time with the other vendors.  
There were so many cool vendors there that I wanted to get married again/renew my vows just so I could maybe have some of them at my wedding.  Even though there were many photographers there I was struck by a few of them.  I just wish I could remember their names!!!  Names are so hard for me….

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