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Sumas Strong Glass Straw with Cleaning Brush



Sumas Strong Glass Straw with Cleaning Brush

Welcoming another Giving Straw!  Sumas is where Kattie grew up and it has been hit hard with some disasters.  So we decided to create a straw for them and a portion of the proceeds we will donate to the Sumas Chamber of Commerce who help the community.

“Whatcom Strong means so many things to so many people. To the small businesses in Sumas, it is a declaration of persistence, courage and hard work. In the past 2 years the small border town of Sumas, Wa has been all but forgotten due to travel restrictions related to the pandemic. A town who’s small locally owned businesses thrived on traveling customers, now faced incredible hardships, while managing near impossible closure/reopening schedules suggested by the state. Then, once everyone started to finally catch their bearings again at the end of the year, Sumas was devastated by what experts are calling a “200 Year Flood”. The destruction of the community and all of it’s businesses, was and remains incredibly painful for the locals here. BUT through all of this, the Sumas Chamber of Commerce was able to keep a little magic for the children of Sumas, with a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus! Working with other programs allowed the Chamber to give a gift to every child who attended! For those who lost everything, this was such a small thing that meant so much! The Sumas Chamber would love to continue holding events like these, where local businesses can bring joy and happiness to their community! Thank you for your contribution!”




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12mm Chunky Smoothie, 16mm Boba/Bubble Tea, 9.5mm Classic


8" Standard, 6.25" Cocktail/Small Glasses, 10" Long


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